Editions and Publications

Witch Hunt, silkscreen published by Marginal Editions

Gyde, sculptural edition published by Lisa Ivorian-Jones, benefit for the New Museum

Stays, etching published by Wingate Studio

Lehrer-Graiwer, Sarah. Sascha Braunig. New York: Foxy Production
Bouthillier, Rose. Stranger, exhibition catalogue, Cleveland: MOCA Cleveland.

Christoffersen, Helga and Cornell, Lauren, ed. Surround Audience. Skira/Rizzoli
Dewatchter, Ellen Mara. Vitamin P3: New Perspectives in Painting. London: Phaidon
Greeves, Susanna; Mahon, Alice. Dreamers Awake. London: White Cube
Schwabsky, Barry. Tightrope Walk. London: White Cube
Painters of Tomorrow, Thames and Hudson

Selected Press


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